9 to 15 May 2015 Horoscope

9 to 15 May 2015 Horoscope
Typical week which runs on the principle of replacing all the houses of the zodiac (except Scorpio), so we can speak both distribution “democratic” and astral aspects of their wasted some, not all relations between the planets and celestial positions equally important. On May 12, Mars will enter Gemini, at 5:41 ‘am, where it will remain until 17 o’clock pm on June 24
On May 15, around 9:30 ‘am (legal time Summer Romania), he will make a opposition to Saturn at 2 ° 13’ axis Gemini / Sagittarius. Appearance extremely interesting astrological point of view, will mark throughout the day and overall, the period around the 15th of May, with a margin of 3-4 days.

We are talking about an issue that, in itself, as the opposition between the two planets, it happens every few years, employing different signs, but this axis, Gemini / Sagittarius, following opposition between Mars and Saturn will occur on June 7, 2045 It is conditioned by the return of Saturn in the same place, after having made a complete tour of the zodiac in about 30 years. Such astral moment happens only four times in a century. For example, in the twentieth century, Mars in Gemini opposition met with Saturn in Sagittarius, on August 8, 1900, on March 8, 1927, on April 9, 1957 and on May 6, 1987; hence, of 15 May, will be the first of four such opposition XXI century. The specificity and the impact of transit we will customize for each zodiac sign, in part, below forecasts. Luna will take a journey from Sagittarius to Aries.

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