Aquarius Horoscope 9 to 15 May 2015

Aquarius Horoscope 9 to 15 May 2015
Those born under Aquarius weight can escape the effects they generated Mars’ transit through Taurus on 12 May.
Until then, heady planetary position and the difficult issues that astral caused them, it can complicate life with all sorts of strife and disharmonies or rigid attitude displayed by some members of the family they come from, especially from those in age, that natives can hardly agree.

Since May 12, however, this planet will enter Gemini, Aquarius air sign that is a harmonic relationship. He will transit house that will give you wings natives, inspiration, freedom of thought, creative power, interpretive force and, if athletes capacity to overcome psychological boundaries or records. The youngest, this transit can give all kinds of ideas, each more original in their leisure time, in fun or immerse themselves in all sorts of activities with fairly high degree of risk ( dangerous sports betting crazy, gambling), conquest or adventure for the sake of curiosity etc. During the period, Aquarians may face a crisis related transient digestive function of the stomach (gastritis, ulcer etc.) diet, fatigue, allergies. Between 10 and 14 May they will be fit, cheerful, active and inspired. Between 12 and 14 May, Aquarians can spend or squander money. And between 14 and 15 may take exams, tests or competitions with help from a mental property, which enables them to cope with nervous tension, to be combative and energetic.

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