The first sign of the zodiac, Aries expresses cardinal fire.
 The analogy with the explosion of spring life is obvious.
 It is the beginning of a cycle, still tangled, but all the 
elements needed to run it.
 The degerminare illustrates well this energy. It forces the
 externalization stored over a period of accumulation and rest,
 a germ that is not a mere spark of energy, but includes a life
 project which includes all the information needed for a 
particular plant species. 
This outburst is virtually impossible to stop, because everything
 is engaged in the movement; 
Only destruction, an annihilation could stop this colorless ţire.
Mişcarea it is eminently masculine, yang, and easily imagine that
 in this sign, Mars and the Sun is in exaltation home.
Topography: in medical astrology, the twelve signs are show-tori
 of anatomical topography,zodiac scrolling down from head to foot. 
Aries corresponds to the head, skull and its contents ie,
brain and meninges, cranial nerves, eyes, hair and internal 
carotid arteries. Excludes ears, nose and lower jaw.
Typology: signs, especially when the Ascendant or they receive 
numerous planets can give individual characteristic features as pri-west
 morphology, dynamics and character. Aries type is marked by a high
 forehead,prominent being given back her hair. The body gives 
the impression that projecting forward, driven by an extraordinary
 dynamism. The look is lively, insightful, well-developed muscles
 and tonic.
 On a psychological level, this type is characterized by a great 
combativeness, ability to undertake,
 doing projects, take initiatives to engage, to move. The disappearance
 of such a boom, this action or spirit of conquest, is often such
 a topic first sign of depression and should be considered very
 seriozitate.În case of dissonance, this dynamism can be expressed in
 a hurry, iritabi-lity , courage and brutality.

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