natal birth chart

Astrology helps us more quickly highlight some limitations, fears, flaws, prejudices and thus no need to learn from more experiences to understand something essential when deciphering the natal chart we can realize what we are really and how to remove the problems we are facing. This is actually the first ground of the exhortation to self-knowledge, to be truly ourselves anywhere and in any situation. Natal astrology is detailed and objective analysis of the natal chart, the position of the planets in the signs and relationships, from the moment of our birth. Discovering his being the first step in astrology as to help or transform those around us to transform our lives that is required in advance to help us and we become ourselves, to thereby realize our true divine nature.

Useful Info! to be able to use this program.
Please select dates of birth (day, month, year, time and County).
If you do not know the time of birth tick “Time Unknown”.
Then click “Next”.
Then you can check this and other options (as desired). You can display: Asteroids secondary issues Ascendant and Midheaven, minor issues or list position of the planets and the planets in signs and houses. Then click “Redraw”.
In addition, you can read and a mini personal interpretation of the astrological chart, if you understand the English language – you have to click on each symbol …
If you want to save the chart – right click and choose “Save picture as”.

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