Cancer Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015

Cancer Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015
Some transits the period between 16 and 22 May on their astral sky fundamental houses, namely those related to signs Cardinale, so that some instances of life can be felt as important or oppressive, although they can be solved relatively quickly or simply.
It is a subjective perception, which amplified the Moon transits either on May 16 or on 21/22, he engages with name, position, social responsibility or themselves in a number of issues that they can not control totally, hence the feeling of fear or intimidation in front of them as moments before destiny. Not so; They should not pay more important than others, or than once experienced the same situations. On May 16 are engaged collaborative relationships, business, marital and socio-professional stakes that can be shaken by external events that can not control them.

On May 17 and 18 May, will want to establish a number of their useful relations in a public plan or an association relationship. On 21 and 20 May supporting the unknown, mirage, slippery trends towards unknown directions of life, dangerous temptations. The second direction but may be some, depending on personal map, a direction favorable that they now do not take into account, namely, access to necessary information which was private and only now can get the chip useful to them. On 21 and 22 May Luna in home makes them sensitive, emotional, participatory, generous, protective, trends only good as “to give them” what they have in abundance or that others around them, they need: time, money, attention, moral support.

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