Cancer Horoscope 23 to 29 May 2015

Cancer Horoscope 23 to 29 May 2015
The triple astral Gemini (House XII) makes those born in Cancer have a rich inner life sometimes pushed to the agitation. I knead all sorts of thoughts, pass them through your head full of ideas, you have to take some decisions and in this carousel of emotions, find no secure element on which to support their projects.
All rustle, did not trust anyone and anything, reject any solution coming from outside. This instability will stop in about three weeks. For now it is found in a warehouse inventory: everything is checked, weighed and numbered. Reasons of gratitude for having solved a sequence or because they have received financial recompense. From the afternoon of May 25 to May 27 dialogues with these natives will be heavy, showing themselves are somewhat unsympathetic, critical, sarcastic, not once exaggerating or offending attitude recorded especially in relations less important for them or in the context of relationships with people whom they consider as their social, material or cultural.

Desire for harmony and calm or good understanding in the family, which is why make all kinds of efforts to banish anger and distrust. In their wine using a series of poses astral allowing them to find the truth in unconventional routes or enter into possession of information that sheds light on justification enlightening behavior of one or more members of the family of origin (28th and 29th). Attention on nerve reactions or medication designed to ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system and peripheral circulation.

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