Cancer Horoscope April 18 to 24, 2015

Cancer Horoscope April 18 to 24, 2015
These natives feel release from the burden of transits through Aries who have tired for so long. Now this process is intensified by leaving the house Xa by planets transiting through that astral sector.
Last movements are recorded on April 18, when there will be a New Moon phase once that will begin to assert new aspects of life, followed by entry of the Sun in the eleventh house, which will bring benefit stability in relationships with friends and acquaintances.
The three planets that will potentiate each other and shade will make this house XI real benefit to natives of Cancer that can acquire, through support or even their mere presence in the field of life and activity of individuals fair balance in social relations, open sympathy manifested by some people that can give them the necessary help for further evolution.
The period from April 21 to 23 is one of inner thoughts, dialogues with itself, designed to bring new possibilities of knowledge, like a rude awakening. In the afternoon of April 23 until April 25, Moon in transit through their home sector, and therefore the home will enable them to be in shape to reveal the qualities and traits of their personality that speak the i will satisfy and impress others.
This transit is accompanied by a series of rough coming from the Cross cardinals that forms Pluto and Uranus, beyond the difficulties raised, will enable them to confront itself with obstacles and to evaluate without bias .

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