Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015

Horoscope weekly 16 to 22 May 2015
The period under consideration, between 16 and May 22 will be marked by three major astrological events. The first event is the production phase New Moon in Taurus, on 18 May at 7:12 ‘in the morning (time summer lawful Romania), by the conjunction of the Sun at 26 ° 55’ Taurus. Although it is a combination astrological zodiac is to the end, that does not mean losing its specific relevance for natives belonging Taurus zodiac sign, but the significance vibration and energy in general and the other 11 signs on houses controlled by this sign zodiac, birth each map.

The second event is linked to astral route to Mercury, May 20, 5 am, will enter seemingly retrograde motion, which allows them to stay in this sign more than it does in an ordinary internship through namely, a sign will remain for the benefit of Gemini, or even retrograde, until 24 June
The third event related to the Sun who, on 21 May, 11:45 will enter Gemini.
Both Mars (May 16) and Sun (on 22/23 May) will be significant opposition to Saturn retrograde in transit through Sagittarius

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