Horoscope 6 to 12 June 2015

Horoscope 6 to 12 June 2015
The time between 6 and 12 June A.C. not bring major changes astral landscape into which we lived in the past two weeks. Except Moon will cover a segment from 25 ° to 4 ° Taurus Capricorn, the rest of the planets are in the same zodiac signs.

We specify in the comments last week that Venus would change the zodiac abode afternoon of June 5, but how, by the end of the day, there were only five hours, we decided not to comment because he significance of this transit could not bring in such short to end our workpiece (June 5 23:59), no event of this planet to be responsible. Therefore, we will analyze in this review, for each sign in part, astral possibilities it brings new status of Beneficial Little Leo who will travel to 19 July, that in a month and a half.
The second landmark which does not give them many peace in this period is Mercury, which for some time in retrograde motion. It is true that the planet of communication will leave this posture but change will occur by the end of June 12, again, will not influence the predisposition to astral period under consideration. It will become visibly active from June 13 until July 8, during which will pass Gemini, which is a real benefit to the natives of this sign owned by Mercury.
The weekend is shaping between Uranus and Jupiter trine which will run until June 29, during which the two planets will form, twice, trines the perfect degree respectively at 19 ° and 20 ° Aries / 19 ° and 20 ° Leo.
Mars is in close conjunction with the Sun in the latter part of the week we are looking at, something that will persist beyond June 12 when it will form a conjunction to the perfect degree.

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