Weekly Horoscope Aquarius 1 to 7 April 2017

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius 20 to 26 March 2017
On the night of March 18 to 05:00 ‘, Aquarians will be unable to detach the echo of the events of the day that have marked profound and unpleasant, especially if, somehow personal or public, were criticized attacked, discredited. Between dawn March 18 and March 20 until 17:30 ‘possible consultation with friends or acquaintances that natives will call the desire to confer with someone competent. March 20, the Sun will enter the house of communication that will turn into an astral sector vulnerable, fighting, crawling of potential conflicts and strange happenings, hostile Aquarius. Naturally, in such a context, all travel – long or short, in the country or abroad, are to be avoided.

Dialogue, public statements expressing a formal framework, oral evidence at an examination will take place under the sign of slippage and towers of unwanted (controversies, disputes, etc.); Generally, they should be postponed, canceled or limited in form and content, to a minimum without challenges. Spontaneity and the temptation to improvise to impress be suppressed. Between the afternoon of 20 March and 23 March, until 04:29 ‘thoughts smoldering period characterized by the absence of a clear perspective on one area of ​​life where they must decide. Note usual will be mental fatigue, boredom or despair by attending returning to the same subject. Between dawn 23 March and 24 March, the Moon will transit the sign of Aquarius natives and give them more enthusiasm and more intellectual vivacity. A Special Scene might manifest in the lives of Aquarians from the impact that will have on conscience or their feelings, information, a confession or disclosure likely to change them entirely insight into a state of things or think about a person.