Leo Horoscope 6 to 12 June 2015

Leo Horoscope 6 to 12 June 2015
Great beneficiaries of the transit of Venus in Leo, are obviously natives belonging to this sign.
Until July 19 A.C. Venus will help them solve a number of issues which dragged on for too long and complicated existence, protects them from diseases and accidents, gives more physical strength, ambition and determination they induce, entice their chance in the different stages and operating life of thought and action necessary corrections to join in everything I do and think, on track.

The morning of June 6 start a slow, natives feeling tired, bored and with no desire to work, but in the afternoon the day before on June 8 evening, they will face all kinds of partnership issues. Amid information or as needed to respond to requests for time, Lions must mobilize mentally and physically to face the contradictory discussion, criticism or twists that employ them directly. Enter the game not only marital relations but also contractual relationships, collaborations which may be reviewed. From June 8 through June 10 evening alternatively, when their thoughts are when the dust settles on some money, advantages or benefits from others. These oscillations prove that the situation does not show clear and they do not know how to speculate as to their advantage when opting for the time for waiting. 11 and 12 June are good days for foreign-related efforts, for seeking to open a new chapter of life. Favoring his appearance and especially the men, or in general, all those who are now about 32/33 or 41/42 years.

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