Leo Horoscope 9 to 15 May 2015

Leo Horoscope 9 to 15 May 2015
For these natives, between 10 and 12 May morning some small inconsistencies or states of irritation may arise in conjugal relations, partnership and business.
Some situations that have to do with conflicts that take place in a formal framework may take a turn for the unusual, that can amaze and destabilize the moment, the premises on which they take in the game and that changes everything expected in a process of evolution , investigation, litigation, etc. From May 12 until the afternoon on May 14 morning some natives may worry about how they will develop a series of expenses for necessary. Instead they make a plan reasonableness panic.

Then, in the afternoon of 14 until the morning of May 15, Lions can mobilize can become combative, and their desire to solve professional problems in force, they can try to change the rules. From May 12 they will have on Mars in transit through the eleventh house of friends and relations useful. By mid-summer, it will give them a real support, dynamic, active came from those who approach through honest communication, direct or activating which will be found on the same interest and speculative mechanisms. Around May 15, the date these natives may face a number of bottlenecks, manifested especially in terms of communication statements and explanations given or even these friends or fellow travelers or their partner soul. The dialogue difficult or displeases his lack of real dialogue, annoys and drives them to act brutally and say things that hurt or offend.

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