Leo Horoscope April 18 to 24, 2015

Leo Horoscope April 18 to 24, 2015
Next week brings Lions of all: a light in the ninth house, which means that, even in an area of ​​life, will begin to think differently and challenge, starting on 20 April, when the Sun enters in its highest position, ie the tenth house.
It will place new premises related careers, image, authority. Will be forced to fight, to be motivated to find strategies to not give up, do not give up.
New Moon phase for the fulfillment of April 18 professional attachments to a number of ideals and visions of the world and life in which they integrate, requiring from them an effort of self-overcoming, integration and jump to new life experiences. Sometimes they involve little snap acceptance of responsibility or lifestyle changes that are a prerequisite for the steps by virtue of previous decisions and desires.
Now just create some opportunities or casts some perplexities which maintained in a state of indecision. The appearance of favoring the young, those still young (ie around age 48 years) or those who want to change their lives. Jupiter began shortly to work for their benefit and that support be exploited.
Great Benefic will remain in transit through their sign until early August, that is still four months. Between April 21-23 meetings with a number of knowledge can be enjoyable, useful and relaxing. One can speculate small opportunities and coincidences that will weave or strengthen a series of links until yesterday sporadic or distances that can bring support, help or useful information.

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