Leo Horoscope 2 to 8 May 2015

Leo Horoscope 2 to 8 May 2015
Beyond the urgent issues, important issues are enough professionally pleasant moments that could occur in everyday existence of the natives of Leo.
On May 2, they may prove to be astute and full of diplomacy when it comes to the questions asked and answers given in daily discussions with neighbors or relatives; between relatives, especially between brothers can even install some harmony, peace and reconciliation. Between 3 and 5 May morning the situation is more radical, especially because this time it produces the full moon phase IV houses and Xa. Many family business, property, management of property (real estate, land, equipment, etc.) raises several issues that should be addressed.

If you can do this without stress and without lamenting, ultimately, period, it will seem not quite so heavy. It may prove more difficult this time on official matters in the context of the powers or duties. These native authority can be challenged or undermined. But I want to do right and not let obstacles that are put in this process are not at all simple. Suitable would be to postpone any redeeming gesture for a more favorable or at least not to commit excesses of zeal or engage in actions to enforce a high energy consumption and waves of annoyance.
Between May 5 and May 7 afternoon natives of Leo are in the mood to spend, to make things eccentric; mainly, they have a great thirst for adventure. Therefore, a love story can be both a challenge and a reason for complacency. On 8 and 9 May health care food or medication will be more pronounced.

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