Pisces Horoscope 9 to 15 May 2015

For fish impending day May 9 when either will have the opportunity to meditate on the nature of acquaintances who have disappointed and who shall stand.
I do it without much regret, considering that this decision is a healthy thing morally and fair to their own conscience. Between 10 and 12 May in the morning, fish will be struggling in some way, their specific, which he led, once the metaphor of “struggle like fish out of water”. So they will be struggling with remorse, struggling with memories, sinking into bitterness, the thought of running a fact of life to another, unable to stand or find any convenient solving their personal life segments or public. Some will immerse themselves in music, in poetry, in reading, watching shows in just the desire to balance or to flee the specter of inner realities disappointing.

From the afternoon of May 14 to May 16 morning, the money issue might be one or monopolizing earnest. Perhaps you need to act, to take a decision or make plans due to some disturbing information. From May 12th Mars will enter the fourth house and from there, he can raise alarm share family relationships that can become suddenly and seemingly without solution of conflict (as might be the case even 15 March). Other times, it may disturb relations with others Native direction the rent contract. Mars will begin to support all discussions and initiatives related to the status of a house of a location, the legality or her financial exploit, on a contractual basis.

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