Sagittarius Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015

Sagittarius Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015
Highlights intense, intense and sometimes felt applicant will mark the existence of these natives, especially those between 57/58 and 60/61 years.
The period under consideration begins slowly and really interesting on May 16, where all sorts of juvenile impulses may have a beneficial effect upon those who are even younger. From here a note of emotional availability, the need (or thirsty) adventure, novelty, surprise, distraction. Sometimes the “escape” implies a visit, a short trip, sometimes it can start with trivial starting to consume cigarettes over several days. On another direction of life, on May 16 highlights a jam partnership; He can eat in silence, being experienced as an acute feeling of dissatisfaction, frustration or rebellion, sometimes it can take the form of a sound verbal conflict. On May 17 and 18 May can leave its mark New Moon fixing or stabilizing the situation in connection with employment, salary.

Not always this astral transit fix them only the best. It can even speak of a postponement or a delay solutions that can be installed in these service relationships. Partner Relations suffering from a disharmonious combination of Saturn and Mars have other astral resources to convert in the opposite direction quite quickly under the auspices that began. Thus, on May 22 Sun, repeats and amplifies what caused Mars on May 16, giving it a scale of one month to register held this conflict. On 21 and 22 May natives attention goes to those materials. Attention to the risk of accidents related to water regime especially pe21şi May 22.

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