Scorpio Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015

Scorpio Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015
Day May 16, Astral is continuing stake on May 15 outlined by labor or health sector which we analyzed last week.
Maintain strong factor impacting stress physiology organs located in the head. General Rate Oneness of annoyance, irritation permanent: it can be seen a temporary lifting of blood pressure, body temperature amid labor talks or mental stress arising from various reasons depending on the age and social insertion of natives. Some may fall prey to the temptation to do justice to the workplace where they feel persecuted, on their own or against records do not “take” with them, placing themselves in bad positions and advantageous place. The days of 17 and 18 May bring new elements into a field of any kind of partnership relations and conflicting relations, procedural where astral can record mark of a beginning.

Pay attention to everything that can transform from a personal one official public connotation or legal proceedings. New Moon is generating a start or it sponsors; For some connection with the tenth house is direct and determined by events that occurred in the summer of 2014 so far. Between 19 and 20 May some people can be enslaved to material matters. It depends what you want to do with money, how to spend or what intentions may have especially under the influence of outside pressure. It is foreseeable, at least astral, a number of constraints or limitations of gestures that you can make out of a desire to protect their property, rights of property or net worth.

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