Scorpio Horoscope 9 to 15 May 2015

Scorpio Horoscope 9 to 15 May 2015
Home enemies, hostilities and all adversities unmanageable remains active throughout next week.
On the positive side, 12 May, Mars leaves the house and enters seventh Gemini or house property and the benefits that can bring money or financial security but also a potential risk from accidents or from handling of equipment, instruments of iron; the second is the risk of fractures products in the arms, ribs or chest from collarbone to the sternum. The same Mars can generate at any time conflict with those interested in a legacy, a division of benefits, a partition or a usufruct or a will. In a first step disputes are maintained at the level of words. From 9 to 15, we can notice that on May 9 Scorpions did not feel like talking, shutting itself to meditate on what happens and obviously what tactics to use.

The day is not good for any kind of dialogue or examination findings. Between 10 and 12 May morning, all issues can arise heritage and wealth, but this time a direct link with blood relatives. From May 12 afternoon until the morning of May 14, some may enjoy life, especially if you do not face major problems of life, career or wealth picture. It can be a beautiful time, romantic, pathetic. Others can enjoy the benefits of art in one of three possible situations: creator, interpreter consumer. From May 14 afternoon astral context shades stained with stress and enervării, lived at different intensities depending on the reason they generate.

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