Scorpio Horoscope April 18 to 24, 2015

Scorpio Horoscope April 18 to 24, 2015
After 20 April, when the Sun enters the sign of Taurus, which supports the seventh house, Jupiter in Leo and closing natal Sun Scorpions T quads extremely hard, the overall pattern of pulses and personal reactions of these natives complicated .
Sun in transit in their opposition to the Sun will create complicated premises related to the partnership, marriage, divorce, separation, asset management in a commercial partnership. The longer Taurus, Mercury and Mars simply radicalizes and tenfold increase their power in the presence of the Sun, acutizând old conflicts, leading the verge of tearing the old disagreements with serious consequences or the threshold of a process.
Not what they say or what to do or how it works on the background of the huge challenges is neither useful nor what you need and do not bear even the shadow of an assumed risk if only 1% chance of winning. Nothing is reasonable in these efforts made the astral sense of struggle, huge bitterness and bias. It also depends on what role you play, for each one, Jupiter in the house raising in rank and dignity, which can act as a conductor of karma of the moment. New Moon on 18 April in the house where health and astrologer to urge restraint measure, self-control.
Avoid irritation by any means even if you are healthy, young and in excellent shape. This moment can bring astral incidents, accidents or unexpected situations at work, labor regime conflicts related to work every day with the job. Sometimes they can be triggered on April 18 and can be complicated, between April 23 to 25.

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