Taurus Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015

Taurus Horoscope 16 to 22 May 2015
New Moon phase, which is being built by a conjunction of Sun and Moon in Taurus, 26 ° 55 ‘, it directly employs those born in the last 4-6 days of the zodiac, but like vibration and energy significance Generally, all natives of this sign of earth.
Being home I personality development and affirmation of the question is a significant start, important, related to their person from all points of view: health, conception of life, social involvement, inner experiences, life experiences. Somewhere, sometime, during these days will say way of life, a crossroads, an option that must take into account or to identify as such, because it is discreet and can manifest them involved in all sorts of trouble not all important, do not give him attention and due consideration.

It is a beginning, in a way of life and work life involves exhaustion – on time or ahead of time – of situations that can not persist and that there is no need to believe. The name of the new astral situations, bulls will need to realcătuiască a number of priorities and intentions. Since May 21 they will begin to benefit from the transit of the Sun through the second house which also requires, through this joint inflows luminary with those of Mars and Mercury, cash only intensified concerns that retrograde from May 20, Mercury may raise a number of problems, setbacks or delays that their talc. If that happens, it means that the lives of those born in Taurus, a fact of life that was started badly and it evolves in the wrong direction can be corrected until June 24th.

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