Virgo Horoscope 18 to 24 April 2015

Virgo Horoscope 18 to 24 April 2015
New Moon of April 18. house sits on monetary relations or, in general, the material advantages, of these native and give a boost on the evolution of a situation previously created, or can generate changes in status, or relations between natives and others.
They can generate benefits, but may require transactions and preparation of documents necessary to be or legalized. A dispute, a conflict, a difference of opinion may be manifested on this occasion.
On April 20, the Sun will enter the ninth house of these natives inhabited by an earth sign, Taurus, paving the way for an entry in harmony with itself, a balancing of thoughts; a kind of return to reasonableness, logic, common sense can generate positive effects for image and the relationship later.
The main effect for the period after April 20, is a stabilization project’s consolidation through an appropriate attitude. Natives can study the possibility of a project, how to behave, act to carry out. If you need to consolidate business direction by freshening knowledge or filling gaps in theoretical and practical training is good to do good and rather.
Between 19 and 20 April will be gentle and pleasant part of the Moon’s transit through the same segment which will give a kind of emotional involvement, attachment to this new vision of personal perspective. From 21 to April 23, Virgos can discuss official public may manifest an audience with the theme, the force of expression, the ability to persuade and captivate those who listen.

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