Weekly Horoscope Aquarius 1 to 7 April 2017

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius 1 to 7 April 2017
1 April (after 7:20 pm ‘) and April 2 evening, less productive period for Aquarians who can be led alkane and can scatter all sorts of pleasures that do not require too much (movies, entertainment, visits, parties, games, coquetry). Even a world adventure will not have the energy to mobilize.
Between April 2nd (after 9:27 p.m. time ‘) and the night of April 4, enough embarrassment at work. Aquarians will not be comfortable for various reasons: some of their colleagues will go under disappointing (resignations, restructurings, retirement), changes will be made in working conditions for Heads will impose their interests or interposed by clear directives, unequivocally that will have the gift to defeat natives will, pride or consciousness. In such a context, their revolt will be justified when the time is right, they will react.

Now, apparently, will be controlled without making objections. Between 5 April (after 0:14 pm ‘) and April 7th in family meetings will result in sparks, especially if hot issues to address, in which material interests play a decisive role. Aquarians, in turn, will be inflexible and will make “inabordabilii” as … intimidation. April 7 (after 7:20 pm ‘), minor game of chance may lead, paradoxically, to speculate a win-win situation or lucky in terms of material (a substantial discount to purchase / investment type car, house, machinery). This direction of 3 April, will support the astral Venus enters Pisces, allowing for gains small, medium or sometimes even large ones. General Rate of the week will be given verbal conflicts, dissociation or dissidences within the official structures – professional, social, political.

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