Weekly Horoscope Aquarius 8 to 14 April 2017

Weekly Horoscope Aquarius 8 to 14 April 2017
Predictions for the period 8 to 14 April will be posted soon, read here:
Between the 8th and the 9th afternoon, possible small cash benefit resulting from an employment (subsidies, advances, bonuses, incentives, etc.). From 9 April after 3:35 p.m. hour ‘night of April 12 representations world superior to higher education, conscience and aspirations is disturbed by the impact it will phase Full Moon in Libra (house IX on their astral sky map). Aquarians will pass through times of shorter or longer lasting crises of conscience. Some will look like a storm inside, which will last an hour or two, others will be deeper, more responsible addressed and will take longer. Sometimes the effect of thoughts that generated the conflict inside could extend long after this stage, according to “disorder” or inner rigor of Aquarius. Disturbing impact of information or events, as they say the people, “fall like a thunderbolt.”

Roads are virtually totally unsuitable, but of course, that having no choice, many will travel different distances necessary means of transport. A tip: do not drive under the influence of nerves, do not “pack” the way disputes distract you, do not go with people driving vehicles in a vicious or dangerous. Between 12 April after 1:42 pm ‘and 14 April at noon, a family interest is adversely affected by a particular situation caused a public context, official professional that Aquarians may see forced to quit. On April 14, after 1:27 p.m. time ‘moments of embarrassment, attitude disrespectful or abusive, selfish Incorrect some friends to a Sagittarius. April 11, Mercury goes retrograde and create preconditions for the return of a decision taken not long ago about the fate of immovable heritage or Land (house, land, etc.). The final solution will be possible to three-four weeks.

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