Weekly Horoscope Cancer 1 to 7 April 2017

Weekly Horoscope Cancer 27 to 2 April 2017
1 April (after 7:20 pm ‘) and April 2 evening, uneven intensity nerve conditions that come and go, changing them natives, several times daily mood. Organic segment will be called the nervous system that controls the activity of arms and hands and nervous system, arterial and muscular loco-motor apparatus. Between April 2nd (after 9:27 p.m. time ‘) and the night of April 4, the Moon will pass the sign of Cancer, which govern, being in the home; Moon will emphasize a strong organic sensibilities, psychological or spiritual Native hence their great responsiveness to external stimuli: memories, emotions, artistic or religious feelings, creativity, love, longing, nostalgia, dreams and hopes.

Returning in Pisces, April 3, Venus, though retrograde, will contribute to a lesser extent than if it had been in went directly to a state of joy, euphoria (from case to case and motivation based). Between 5 April (after 0:14 pm ‘) and April 7th, some people belonging to this sign will have two possibilities: either the address of the management where they work and ask or explain why they should be applied to other self employed or these changes come without negotiations, following the application of the latest legislation. Theoretically, the amount they will increase salary will be a satisfactory, convenient repair and that type of contract. April 7 (after 7:20 pm ‘), consultations with friends, loved ones opinion polling on an initiative that want give her act, calling on experts in the field to decide on an economic or legal conditions work concerned. April 7 and 8 will move to a building skeleton astral will to the fore career, success, failure ascension or conversely, “bad press” weakening authority.

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