Weekly Horoscope Cancer 8 to 14 April 2017

Weekly Horoscope Cancer 27 to 2 April 2017
Predictions for the period 8 to 14 April will be posted soon, read here
Between the 8th and the 9th afternoon, domestic issues, current domestic activities. From 9 April after 3:35 p.m. hour ‘night of April 12, relations between parents and children can take a bad turn: heated discussions, arguments, measures more or less pedagogical, with or without effect. But it is also possible and the reverse: the fear of making mistakes or not amplify the distress that hangs in the family, parents can take the unfortunate decision to not react in any way, to overlook, to make I do not see and do not understand what is going on in order not to be forced to take action or limited to an elusive “we’ll talk about another time”, missing just when necessary psychological intervention in slippages child or adolescent.

Similarly, the experience and the reaction can occur the case with emotional relationships. Full Moon will act fairly brutal on these natives will muddy the waters in terms of communication and trust between the twins and their friends so that the natives, they can install a state of uncertainty as to what they can do some relatives their. Those, in turn, can use rude, rough, rude or aggressive, case by case, depending on education, age, social position and reason for discord. Between 12 April after 1:42 pm ‘and 14 April at noon of stress and irritation, repressed discontent at work where one or more people may cavil, they can undermine the authority or will not “play “correctly. The health plan possible colds went “feet” toothache (to avoid tooth extractions and operations on the jaw) and thyroid dysfunction. 14 April after 1:27 p.m. hour ‘possible complications partnership confrontation on matters of principle or law partners, especially if carried out acts of commerce. Difficult phase in procedural plan.

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